MaxPo − A Franco-German Center in the Social Sciences

In 2012, MaxPo set out to study how individuals, organizations and political systems attempt to cope with the high degree of strategic uncertainty in market societies. How do social life, the economy and politics reorganize to provide stability in a context where relationships, institutions and policies are torn between their original missions and economic imperatives? The findings produced in six research groups focus on new classification systems, the concentration of economic power and changing business–government relations, the transformation of social inequality in response to financialization and the way in which market societies envision the future.

A conference which took place in Paris on October 21, 2022, marked both the anniversary and the conclusion of the joint research endeavour that brought together the Max Planck Society and its Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne with Sciences Po in Paris and reflected the insights gathered on each of these topics over the last ten years. Audio podcasts will soon be available.

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