Doctoral Fellow

Doctoral Fellow Andreas EislAndreas Eisl

Discipline: Political Science
Supervisors: Emiliano Grossman (Sciences Po)
and Martin Höpner (MPIfG)
Enrolled: October 2015

Andreas Eisl holds Master's degrees in Political Science and Geography from the University of Salzburg. He takes part in a Cotutelle program together with the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne. His research investigates the transformations of national fiscal policy making in the Eurozone. More concretely, his dissertation will explore the variation in national fiscal frameworks that have been negotiated and implemented during the European public debt crisis.

  • Project description

    The Politics of Budgetary Constraints: An Analysis of National Fiscal Frameworks in the Eurozone

    The project studies the variation in the design, timing, and stringency of national fiscal frameworks in the Eurozone. These frameworks consist of country-specific configurations of numerical fiscal rules, independent fiscal councils, and different types of compliance mechanisms. It aims at identifying the factors driving the observed differences in national fiscal frameworks and analyzing the consequences of these differences for budgetary outcomes and fiscal framework compliance. In contrast to most of the existing literature it uses a mostly qualitative approach, entailing several in-depth case studies. It draws on interviews with political decision makers, public officials and experts, qualitative country reports, parliamentary debates, and newspaper articles.

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