Doctoral Fellow

Doctoral Fellow Shi-Rong LeeShi-Rong Lee

Discipline: Sociology
Supervisor: Olivier Godechot
Enrolled: November 2015

Shi-Rong Lee received her MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, a BS in Psychology and a BA in Sociology from the National Taiwan University. Her research interests include political economy, work and organizations, social networks, health, and life course studies. Lee’s dissertation explores how financialization and the discourse of shareholder value influence labor market inequality in China and Taiwan.

  • Project description

    The Financialization of East-Asian Economies

    The essential goal of this doctoral project is to identify and challenge the constructed division between advanced (industrial) capitalist societies and developing economies while examining how financialization influences social inequality in China and Taiwan. Often overlooked is the fact that markets and labor markets are shaped by the dynamics of power between countries, regions, and governments, as well as by transnational corporations. This project proposes to review and investigate the current studies from the macro level of structural economic changes (financialization) to the organizational level of discourses and practices (shareholder values) and the individual level of reactions and inequalities from a comparative perspective. This dissertation attempts to bridge the gap in the literature by analyzing the diffusion of financialization, market logics, managerial practices, and workplace structure in China and Taiwan and by determining how the different levels of factors influence and interact with each other.

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