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Doctoral Fellow Troels Magelund KrarupTroels Magelund Krarup

Discipline: Sociology
Current position: PhD Fellow
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Research assistant at Center for Mobility Research (Aalborg University) and at Center for Alcohol and Drug Research (Aarhus University)
Project assistant at Statistics Denmark, City of Holbæk and Danish Society for Patient Safety
Student assistant at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and the Directorate for Food, Fisheries and Agri Business


Teaching assistant in Introduction to Sociology (Sciences Po Reims) and teacher at Vallekilde and Grundtvigs folk highschools


Academic publications

KRARUP, T.M. & M. MUNK. Field Theory in Cultural Capital Studies of Educational Attainment. British Journal of Sociology of Education 37, 5, 761-779 (2016).

DEMANT, J. & T. KRARUP. Adolescent Alcohol Intoxication in Denmark: Policy, Culture, and Industry. Contemporary Drug Problems 40, 2, 259-289 (2013).

KRARUP, T. Den bureaukratiske elite – karriereveje og topposter i centraladministrationen. Dansk Sociologi 23, 2, 43-65 (2012).

KRARUP, T. & A. BLOK. Unfolding the Social: Quasi-actants, Virtual Theory, and the New Empiricism of Bruno Latour. The Sociological Review 59, 1, 42-63 (2011).

PhD Dissertation

KRARUP, T. 2016. Economic Discourse and European Market Integration: The Problem of Financial Infrastructures. MaxPo Center, Sciences Po Paris, Defended: November 4, 2016.

Working Papers

KRARUP, T. 2016. Economic Discourse and the European Integration of Financial Infrastructures and Financial Markets. MaxPo Discussion Paper 16/2. Paris: Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies.

MUNK, M. & T. KRARUP. 2011. Cultural Capital Theory Revisited: Explanations of Educational Reproduction and Beyond. Working Paper, Aalborg University.
Working Paper

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