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Books by MaxPo researchers, which are based on longterm research projects and targeted at a wide professional readership, reflect the Center's core research interests in sociology and political science. They include works by MaxPo visiting scholars whose stay at the Center allowed them to devote considerable time there to work on the publication.


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Lin, Ken-Hou, and Megan Tobias Neely. 2020. Divested: Inequality in the Age of Finance. New York: Oxford University Press.



Andersson, Jenny. 2018. The Future of the World: Futurology, Futurists, and the Struggle for the Post Cold War Imagination. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Kastner, Lisa. 2018. Civil Society and Financial Regulation: Consumer Finance Protection and Taxation After the Crisis. RIPE Series of International Political Economy. London: Routledge.



Godechot, Olivier. 2017. Wages, Bonuses and Appropriation of Profit in the Financial Industry: The Working Rich. Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking. London: Routledge.
Also read Donald Tomaskovic-Devey’s review, “Thinking Like a Sociologist about Earnings Inequalities,” published in Contemporary Sociology 47, 6, 656-659, 2018.



Andersson, Jenny and Eglé Rindzeviciute (eds.). 2015. The Struggle for the Long-Term in Transnational Science and Politics: Forging the Future. London: Routledge.



Baudelot, Christian, Damien Cartron, Jérôme Gautié, Olivier Godechot, Michel Gollac and Claudia Senik. 2014. Bien ou mal payés? Les travailleurs du public et du privé jugent leurs salaires. Collection du CEPREMAP 35. Paris: Éditions Rue d’Ulm.


Woll, Cornelia. 2014. The Power of Inaction: Bank Bailouts in Comparison. Ithaka, NY: Cornell University Press.


Woll, Cornelia and Ben Clift (eds.). 2014. Economic Patriotism in Open Economies. Journal of European Public Policy Series. London: Routledge.
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