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The journal articles featured here have been published by MaxPo researchers and visiting scholars in peer-reviewed journals, or have been (conditionally) accepted for publication. They were written wholly or largely while the scholar was working at MaxPo.


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Godechot, Olivier, Joanne Horton, and Millo Yuval. 2022. Executive Pay: Board Reciprocity Counts. European Journal of Sociology, published online March 31, 2022.


Godechot, Olivier, Nils Neumann et al. 2022. Ups and Downs in Finance, Ups without Downs in Inequality. Socio-Economic Review mwac036, published online July 15, 2022.


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Chiriboga-Tejada, Andrés. 2019. La gestion de la liquidité dans l’économie du Bien Vivre. Crisol 9, "Le bien vivre" (Buen vivir) en Équateur: alternative au développement ou développement alternatif?," published online August 22, 2019.


Godechot, Olivier, and Zinaida Salibekyan. 2019. Should We Clash or Should I Go? The Impact of Low Wage and Poor Working Conditions on the Exit‐Voice Trade‐Off. Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, published online May 14, 2019.


Gorbach, Denys. 2019. Underground Waterlines: Explaining Politica Quiescence of Ukrainian Labor Unions. Focaal - Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, published online June 1, 2019.


Krarup, Troels. 2019. Money and the "Level Playing Field": The Epistemic Problem of European Financial Market Integration. New Political Economy, published online November 4, 2019.


Krarup, Troels. 2019. The Collateral Liquidity Problem in Contemporary Finance and the Resurrection of Quantity Theory. Competition & Change, published online April 23, 2019.


Krarup, Troels. 2019. "Ordo" versus "Ordnung": Catholic or Lutheran Roots of German Ordoliberal Economic Theory? International Review of Economics, published online April 6, 2019.


Krarup, Troels. 2019. Between Competition and Centralization: The New Infrastructures of European Finance. Economy and Society 48 (1), 107−126.


Krarup, Troels. 2019. German Political and Economic Ideology in the Twentieth Century and Its Theological Problems: The Lutheran Genealogy of Ordoliberalism. European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, Published online February 12, 2019.


Soener, Matthew. 2019. Profiting in a Warming World: Investigating the Link Between Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Capitalist Profitability in OECD States. Sociological Forum, published online 1 October 2019.


Bartley, Tim, Matthew Soener, and Carl Gershenson. 2019. Power at a Distance: Organizational Power across Boundaries. Sociology Compass, published online 10 September 2019.


Soener, Matthew, and Michael Nau. 2019. Citadels of Privilege: The Rise of LLCs, LPs and Theperpetuation of Elite Power in America. Economy and Society, published online 25 September 2019.


Taillandier, Apolline. 2019. Lectures et langages du transhumanisme. Raisons politiques 2019/2 (74), 73−81.


Bourgeron, Théo, and Apolline Taillandier. 2019. Entretien avec Marion Fourcade: "La classification, c’est de la morale!". Revue française de socio-économie 2019/1 (22), 205−215.


Woll, Cornelia. 2019. Corporate Power Beyond Lobbying. American Affairs III (3), 38−55.



Andersson, Jenny, and Erik Westholm. 2018. Closing the Future: Environmental Research and the Management of Conflicting Future Value Orders. Science, Technology, and Human Values, published online August 16, 2018.


Chiriboga, Andrés. 2018. A Tale of Two Cities: The Regional Dimension of the Ecuadorian Securities Market. economic sociology_the european electronic newsletter 19 (3), 25−35.


Lazarus, Jeanne, and Laure Lacan. 2018. Toward a Relational Sociology of Credit: An Exploration of the French Literature. Socio-Economic Review, published online February 8, 2018.
Also available as: MaxPo Discussion Paper 15/1. Paris: Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies.



Boussard, Valérie, Olivier Godechot, and Nicolas Woloszko. 2017. How to Make a Deal: The Role of Rankings and Personal Ties in Creating Trust in the Mergers and Acquisitions Market Socio-Economic Review. Published online December 20, 2017.
Also available as:
MaxPo Discussion Paper 16/3. Paris: Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies.


Menger, Pierre-Michel, Colin Marchika, Simon Paye, Yann Renisio, and Pablo Zamith. 2017. "La contribution des enseignants du secondaire à l’enseignement supérieur en France Effectifs, affectations, carrières (1984-2014)." Revue française de sociologie 58(4), 643-677.


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Rovny, Allison E., Jan Rovny. 2017. "Outsiders at the Ballot Box: Operationalizations and Political Consequences of the Insider–Outsider Dualism." Socio Economic Review, published online January 9, 2017.



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"Renal Diseases and Social Inequalities in Access to Transplantation in France." Population E 71(1). [English edition]


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Fourcade, Marion. 2012. "The Vile and the Noble: On the Relationship between Natural and Social Classifications in the French Wine World." The Sociological Quarterly 53(4): 524–545.


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