MaxPo Publications



Books by MaxPo researchers, which are based on longterm research projects and targeted at a wide professional readership, reflect the Center's core research interests in sociology and political science. They include works by MaxPo visiting scholars whose stay at the Center allowed them to devote considerable time there to work on the publication.


Journal Articles

The Journal Articles featured here have been published by MaxPo researchers and visiting scholars in peer-reviewed journals, or have been (conditionally) accepted for publication. They were written wholely or largely while the scholar was working at MaxPo.


MaxPo Discussion Paper Series

The MaxPo Discussion Paper Series presents research in economic sociology, political economy, economic history, and related fields conducted at MaxPo and its partner institutions, in joint research projects, and in projects by visiting scholars. For its discussion paper series, MaxPo established its own Editorial Board.


Other Publications

The other publications section is made up of publications which have not been included in the three categories above and have been written wholly or largely while the scholar was working at MaxPo.


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