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The other publications section is made up of publications which have not been included in the three categories above and have been written wholly or largely while the scholar was working at MaxPo.


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Godechot, Olivier. 2018. Introduction: Is Sociology of Finance a General Sociology? Pp. 191-193, in: Valérie Boussard, 2018, Finance at work. London: Routledge.


Palier, Bruno, Jan Rovny, and Allison E. Rovny. 2018. Forthcoming. The Dual Dualization of Europe: Economic Convergence, Divergence, and their Political Consequences. In: Welfare Democracies and Party Politics: Explaining Electoral Dynamics in Times of Changing Welfare Capitalism. Philip Manow, Bruno Palier, and Hanna Schwander (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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Andersson, Jenny. 2017. The Power of the Future. Pp. 255-258, in: Jens Beckert, 2016, Imagined Futures. Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics, Harvard University Press. Akos Rona-Tas (ed.). Socioeconomic Review 15(1), 241-258.


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Baudelot, Christian, Damien Cartron, Martin Chevalier, Jérôme Gautié, Olivier Godechot, Michel Gollac, Claudia Senik. 2017. Public-privé: le juste salaire? Pp. 139-184, in: Repenser le modèle social. 8 nouvelles questions d'économie. Philippe Askenazy, Daniel Cohen and Claudia Senik (eds.). Paris: Albin Michel.



Andersson, Jenny. 2016. Futures of the State. Pp. 298–312, in: Reconfiguring the State. Patrick Le Galès and Desmond King (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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Godechot, Olivier. 2016. L’Alsace-Moselle peut-elle décider des 35 heures? Notes et Documents de l'OSC. no 2016-04. Série Débats & Controverses. Commentaire sur l'article de Matthieu Chemin et Étienne Wasmer, "Using Alsace-Moselle Local Laws to Build a Difference-in-Differences Estimation Strategy of the Employment Effects of the 35-Hour Workweek Regulation in France." Journal of Labor Economics 2009 27(4): 487-524.


Kastner, Lisa. 2016. Partners in Advocacy for Financial Reforms: After the Financial Crisis, MEPs and Civil Society Groups Countered Financial Lobby Efforts to Stymie Re-regulation. Research Note on Parliamentary Democracy 8/2016, PADEMIA Research Note Series, published online August, 2016.


Godechot, Olivier, Christian Baudelot, Yvanie Caillé and Silvie Mercier. 2016. "Maladies rénales et inégalités sociales d’accès à la greffe en France." Population-F71 (1): 23-52. [Édition française]
"Renal Diseases and Social Inequalities in Access to Transplantation in France." Population E 71(1). [English edition]


Fourcade, Marion. 2016. "Earmarking, Matching, and Social Order." La vie des idées, forthcoming.


Fourcade, Marion. 2016. "State Metrology: The Rating of Sovereigns and the Judgement of Nations." In: The Many Hands of the State. Kimberly Morgan/Ann Orloff (eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.


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Lam, Jack, Phyllis Moen, She-Rong Lee and Orfeu M. Buxton. 2016. "Boomer and Gen X Managers and Employees at Risk: Evidence from the Work, Family and Health Network Study." In: Beyond the Cubicle: Insecurity Culture and the Flexible Self, Allison Pugh (ed.). Oxford: Oxford Universitiy Press, forthcoming.


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van der Graaf, Anne. 2016. "Managing Risks with the Fairest Values: Avoiding Problems by Using Different Market Concepts." Chaire PARI - Programme de recherche sur l'apprehension des risques et des incertitudes Working Paper 16/5. Paris: Chaire PARI - Programme de recherche sur l'apprehension des risques et des incertitudes.


Woll, Cornelia. 2016. "State Capacity in Financial Times." In: The Restructuring of European States, Patrick Le Galès and Desmond King (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.


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Andersson, Jenny. 2015. "Towards a New History of the Future? Introduction." Pp 1-16, in: The Struggle for the Long Term in Transnational Science and Politics: Forging the Future, Jenny Andersson and Eglé Rindzeviciute (eds.). Oxford: Routledge.


Andersson, Jenny. 2015. "Midwives of the Future: Futurism, Futures Studies and the Shaping of the Global Imagination." Pp 16-38, in: The Struggle for the Long Term in Transnational Science and Politics: Forging the Future, Jenny Andersson and Eglé Rindzeviciute (eds.). Oxford: Routledge.


Comelli, Martino. 2015. "Review of Greta Krippner 'Capitalizing on Crisis - The Political Origins of the Rise of Finance' and Wolfgang Streeck 'Buying Time - The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism'." Czech Sociological Review 51(6): 1108-1114.


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Godechot, Olivier. 2015. "Review of Thomas Piketty 'Le capital au XXIe siècle'." Sociologie du travail 57(2): 250-253.


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Godechot, Olivier. 2015. "Resurgence of Capital or Rise of the Working Rich? On Piketty's 'Capital in the 21st Century'." Crooked Timber, December 16, 2015.


Kastner, Lisa. 2015. "Delayed Industry Capture: A Lobbying Analysis of the EU Financial Transaction Tax." AICGS Essay Series. American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS), Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C. Published online November 2, 2015.


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Deforge, Quentin and Pablo Zamith. 2014. "Fiches thématiques: Portrait des étudiants, carrières des corps enseignants et structuration de la recherche en économie." Pp 67-134, in: Rapport sur l'avenir des sciences économiques à l'Université en France, Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur (ed.). Paris: Ministère de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche.


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Woll, Cornelia. 2014. "Curtailing Capture through European Banking Union: A Note of Caution." SAFE Policy Center, Policy Letter No. 27.


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Fourcade, Marion. 2013. "Q&A on the Sociology of Knowledge." SKATology, Newsletter of the Science, Knowledge and Technology Section of the ASA: 3-7.


Godechot, Olivier. 2013. "Can the Immobile Stop the Mobile? Economic Sociology." The European Electronic Newsletter 14(3): 27–33.


Godechot, Olivier. 2013. "Réseaux sociaux-intellectuels et recrutement dans le monde académique." Unpublished habilitation manuscript defended on April 10, 2013, at Sciences Po, Paris, under the supervision of Christine Musselin, Sciences Po.


Schmidt, Vivien A. and Cornelia Woll. 2013. "The State: The Bête Noire of Neo-Liberalism or its Greatest Conquest?" Pp. 112-114, in: Resilient Liberalism in Europe's Political Economy. Vivien A. Schmidt and Mark Thatcher (eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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Woll, Cornelia. 2013. "Global Companies as Agenda-Setters in the World Trade Organization." Pp 257–271, in: Handbook of Global Policy: Global Companies, John Mikler (ed.). Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.
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Woll, Cornelia. 2013. "Lobbies et groupes d'intérêt." Questions internationales 63. La Documentation française: 53–55.


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Fourcade, Marion. 2012. "Languishing in Perpetual Obscurity? Contribution to a Forum on Economic Sociology." Accounts - A Newsletter of Economic Sociology, Spring 2012: 15-16.


Fourcade, Marion. 2012. "The Moral Sociology of Viviana Zelizer: Review Essay on Viviana Zelizer 'Economic Lives: How Culture Shapes the Economy'." Sociological Forum 27(4): 1055-1061.


Fourcade, Marion. 2012. "The Socialization of Capitalism, or the Neoliberalization of Socialism?" Contribution to a Symposium on Erik O. Wright "Envisioning Real Utopias". Socio-Economic Review 10(2): 369-375.


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